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he's blonde, he's skinny, he's rich, and he's a lil bit of a bitch

you thought of someone special didnt you :o)

i need a social media manager to write these toots for me while im on lunched break

found a new alternative to tumblr! it's called flinging yourself into the sun

is it just me or is accounts showing up without profilepics on

4TTN peepss ssigning up f0r tr0lli4n.ssp4ce, if y0u 4ren't getting the em4il t0 regisster jusst HMU, I kn0w it'ss been weird with h0tm4il em4il 4ddressssess f0r ss0me re4ss0n

hey so like if ur a minor and ur in the homestuck kin/rp/whatever community pls be super aware of adults. me and a lot of other people were preyed on in the early days and i dont want anyone else going through that

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