Spotted the old Canadian flag while reading a Richard Scarry book to my daughter. “Best Word Book Ever” was published in 1963; Canada adopted the maple leaf flag in 1965 🇨🇦

"So you're really into bronze, huh? Name your three favourite alloys."

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I have fallen down this trompe-l'oeil hole four times now despite knowing exactly where it is. A+ level design.

Underrated upshot for devs announcing Switch games: they get to take a cool photo of the handheld console in a tastefully arranged setting.

Had to do a double take at this.
(It's a history of Americans in the Spanish Civil War, thankfully.)

Folks who compare Celeste to Super Meat Boy are doing it a disservice imo. It’s more puzzle than reflexes; reminds me a lot of The Swapper (2013). It also portrays mental health struggles in a very raw & honest way. It has such a truthful warm kind positive vibe… I love this game.

Shudderwock! Allegedly game-breaking on expansion day zero, might have to try it before it gets nerfed.

Two books I've been reading unexpectedly collide:
• Systems reveal themselves through their behaviour.
• Characters reveal themselves through their behaviour.

Spent the weekend in Joshua Tree National Park. The desert landscape is otherworldly, and surprisingly colourful in the springtime.


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