The clock has been updated using data from the 2021 IPCC report.
➡️ Previous projection: 420 Gt of CO₂ remaining on Jan 1, 2018
➡️ Updated projection: 400 Gt of CO₂ remaining on Jan 1, 2020
Please see this page for more details:

@lucasrizoli @ClimateClockBot Something must have changed in the Climate Clock API, I’ll have to investigate and debug. Thanks for the heads up!

Bought a cheap refurbished 2DS for my three year old daughter. She struggled playing on her own, so we played Mario Kart copilot. I steered while she held Ⓐ. She had a blast.

@lucasrizoli Fascinating! Wonder how good the ad servers are at filtering out bot clicks.

I’ve set up Climate Clock Bot to cross post on Mastodon: @ClimateClockBot 🌱🌎🔥⚠️

Wrote a blog post expanding on the ideas behind ClimateClockBot, and how it attempts to overcome psychological barriers in framing / thinking about climate change.

Climate Change / Twitter 

My weekend project:

Counts down to when the world is projected to surpass the +1.5°C carbon budget at current rates. Data from the IPCC and

Haven't looked into Mastodon bots yet but I can port it over if there's interest!

Climate Change / Earth Day 

I have a keen interest / anxiety about climate change, and have read various popular books on the subject over the last few years. For Earth Day, here are a handful that I can personally recommend. 🌱🌎🔥⚠️

Pretty sure my toddler has minmaxed the “2 books before bedtime” system by consistently picking the longest books we own. Gotta fix this exploit 🤔

I'm using this tool to help reduce the original background art to two colours (with a bit of manual cleanup afterwards) and then import it as a Bitsy room:

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I'm usually quite shy about showing WIP screenshots, but I made some good progress on a little game over the holidays and wanted to share.

A low-fi Chrono Trigger tribute (with some twists I'll talk about later) made in Bitsy.

Made a resolution last year to exercise 3x a week; my overall success rate was 58%. Really lost my rhythm at the beginning of quarantine… here’s to a better 2021! 🏃‍♂️

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄 Solidarity with everyone missing their family today, and wishing you as much holiday cheer as possible in this dark difficult year.

Spent the morning watching pelicans, seals, and dolphins feeding off the coast of Will Rogers beach. Despite everything going on, California can be such a magical place.

“We Three Kings” is the sequel to “Two Princes”.

Climate change 

Who killed the world? Income groups vs CO2 emissions (via UN emissions gap report 2020)

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