Amazing. Nothing would undo any of his other damage, but if Tronald Dump ends the Korean war and allows DPRK to live, that would be a helluva plot twist.

It's interesting that the orange guy's first instinct when being accused of rape is to say "no thanks". Of all the things to try not consenting to...

It's funny how the third amendment makes it legal to evict army personnel, but not navy or air force.

There are only three food modes: soup, salad, and sandwich. Fight me.

Two things are new about the latest school shooting.

First, the lionization of a "hero" victim happened on the same day as the shooting. The implications are twofold: one, that anyone who just got shot and didn't perform any feats deserved it and doesn't matter; and two, that you too can be a hero, if you are lucky enough.
Then, at the vigil, the survivors got mad at the speakers for "turning" it political, and rejected those speakers' calls for gun control.

Kids don't mind shootings anymore.

Did I ever tell you all (HAHAHA that one never gets old) how much I hate the word "comforter"? I hate it a lot. On a par with how much I hate the word "cute".

100% inheritance tax.

Death penalty for corporations.

Single payer for all insurances.

Replace all elections, campaigns, appointments globally with jury-duty-style random selection for all legislative and executive posts.

Repeal of all intellectual-property, copyright, patent laws globally.

Eliminate all subsidies on all industries globally.

Random half of all new ammunition produced must be undetectably rigged to explode and kill operator.

Hey everybody (HAHAHA) Wikipedia sucks. Citizendium or Scholarpedia? CZ has a much dumber name but crucially, they have a whole page on how so I think I'll start there.

Wikipedia has jumped the shark. You heard it here first.

Has Trump ever said a grammatically correct sentence? Asking for nobody because nobody cares.

All property is theft. Intellectual property is the worst theft.

Anything you can buy on Amazon, you can buy on Ebay from the same seller for less money and still with free shipping.

I am an absentee parent and unreliable employee - if I can slough off my responsibilities to indulge in my narcissism, any rich white woman can.

What's the difference between high heels and female genital mutilation? Feet aren't body parts too?

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