Guy who invented the printer: alright, dig this. im gonna make something so useful that it'll become essential for most people to use regularly, BUT its also gonna be the shittest, worst thing on earth

@garfiald also reminder that the entire Free Software movement was started because one guy was mad at printer drivers

it's been over 30 years and that's still the one thing nobody can fix

A lot of it is printer manufacturers inventing proprietary protocols.

@garfiald 3D printers are working so hard to maintain the legacy.

@Jewbacchus @garfiald I bought a second-hand one months ago and still haven't summoned the nerve to actually plug it in.

@riking @garfiald

Gutenberg probably said something like:

“Woah, I have accidentially destroyed one business branch of monasteries.”

@garfiald i feel like this hasn’t been true for like a decade or more

@garfiald no it sounds like yours is super bad, mine Just Works

@rotor i can't believe that youve descended among the ranks of us printer proleteriat only to mockingly rub your privilege in our faces

@garfiald i can’t believe i’m being called out as a part of the printer bourgeoisie what have i become

@garfiald @rotor the only printers i've ever used that "just worked" were the big cube ones my high school had

@garfiald if i was gonna pick the heir to the Shitty Technology Crown id probably pick IoT devices like internet light bulbs or some shit

@garfiald Guy who invented the printer: hmm this piece of shit is terrible but how can we make it even more annoying *bong rip* hey what if we made a full set of ink cartridges cost more than a whole ass new printer lol

I switched to laser printers specifically because I found a nice, relatively local company who specialise in DIY laser printer cartridge refill kits.

(It's someone's side business - their main one is providing educational materials to schools, and they got sick of buying new cartridges.)

@garfiald ink is cheap right?
john printer: oh sure
so will the printer ink be affordable
john printer: i was thinking more expensive than oil

@chillallmen @garfiald It also literally kills your lungs.
Two birds with one stone.

@garfiald I felt this in my guts. I'm dying, thanks garf.

@garfiald no need now, I'm dead. Bring them to my tomb.

@kaniini @garfiald

If it happens like in “Spaceballs” you can laugh about it.

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