the fact that there are ten million different genres of music in 4/4 with drums and guitars but that a century of recorded music from literally hundreds of different countries is expected to just fit under the absurd "world music" umbrella tell you all you need to know about the white mindset

if you want us to care about the difference between edm and drum and bass you could at least put the malian records in a different fucking box from the cuban ones

@garfiald this is a shockingly underrated take and I am also blown away by "world music" still being a term at all

@garfiald however, it's my belief that services like spotify, which actually uses algorithms to find music you enjoy that may be outside of your comfort zone, are a very good thing to counteract this bullshit "world music" concept.....even though they use it themselves. But without the label, it's just music on your discovery list.

@budgiebin but the genre of "world music" informs the algorithm. its part of the system. so the recommendations you receive will still depend on whether the algorithm thinks you'll enjoy "world" and/or "non-world" music. just because the compartmentalisation (which is pretty close to being white supremacist) is hidden behind an algorithm instead of displayed on a record store shelf doesnt mean it has stopped operating

@garfiald fair enough - i'm not familiar with the algorithm itself, but musical taste is a very fine thing. some people like instrumentals and others like rock. someone who likes rock may not like world music as a whole, but if someone's searching for enya and blackmore's night (easily appeals to American audiences) they're a better candidate for more world music than someone who likes EDM and nightcore

@garfiald @budgiebin I've read up on how the recommendation algorithm Spotify uses and it's actually non-reliant on genres and stuff like that, sort of kind of? I don't want to be the asshat techie who infodumps that stuff but tell me if you'd be interested

@garfiald @budgiebin FWIW (and I'm not familiar with whatever Spotify uses), it's pretty uncommon for music recommendations engine to rely on that sort of tagged metadata.

Mostly because music information retrieval got “as good” as humans in the 2000s (meaning that a human music expert is as likely to disagree with The Algorithm as they would be with another expert), and manually-tagged things are a pain in the butt (you need someone to curate the annotations)

@budgiebin @garfiald YouTube's generally evil algorithm is surprisingly good in this department - the "Pop Music" channel that's recommended for me features Santhosh Narayanan, M. M. Keeravani, David Bowie, and some Japanese MCs, regrettably not all on the same track

@fresh_newlook @garfiald it's really all about freeing your mind from labels and just finding the music and bands you like, instead of trying to impose the "correct" label on musical genres. The problem is there's TOO many kinds of music for the simple labels applied in pre-streaming music databases.

@budgiebin @garfiald i could apply most of this thread to the "foreign film" discourse with a quick search and replace on a few terms

@garfiald All music is World Music in my humble opinion

@garfiald @softmetals It's not like they are from Mars they are actually from my home town of Hanna, Alberta, Canada.

@Ttle @garfiald i knew that. im gonna come to your house now. my home town is medicine hat alberta! (im not there anymore though)

@Ttle @garfiald I only listen to radio telescope output converted to audio

@garfiald reminds me of the Ethnic Foods aisle at large grocery stores

@garfiald dnb is type of edm, i think?
electronic music has too many genres

@ElusiveConfection @garfiald the term edm has been Appropriated by one particular set of styles that has turned the term edm into essentially a slur to fans of other styles of electronic dance.
To make it more confusing , there is dnb that is edm, and other dnb that is not

@SillyZach @ElusiveConfection @garfiald I just put them all on the same folder

Also if I can't figure out what kind of music something is I generally call it pop


there's also a large history of world music being recorded with no profits going to the native musicians and artists

lots of compilation world music CDs were basically that

@garfiald Oh god, this is so true. I hate the term "world music" for exactly this reason.

@garfiald one thing that always bothered me is that in academic circles, musicology is generally the study of German, French, Italian, English, and Russian composers, and everything else falls into the discipline of "ethnomusicology". Blatantly white supremacist because American composers fall under musicology when composing in the European style, but indigenous music falls under ethnomusicology

@garfiald there's of course an entire set of 20th century composers that is celebrated for basically "inventing" the study of ethnomusicology by going out and studying indigenous and local folk music... for the purpose of implementing those same ideas in their own compositions... which then fall under the scope of musicology because a white dude wrote it

@lyon @garfiald ethnicity? *chuckles* oh no, I don't have one of those, I'm white.

@garfiald *squints* is that... a Really Good Take? are you okay? [Crtl+F "piss"; "cum"; "shidd"; "fard"] apparently, it is

@garfiald on the community radio stations here even tracks in French or Spanish are classed as "World Music" and the presenters who play them are middle class middle aged white guys

Its not the case that other diverse communities are unwelcome, quite the opposite, but people from minority communities often can't take time away from paying work to volunteer unpaid for several hours (its why I don't have the time to help these stations with tech that I once had)

@garfiald as far as I know "world music" was a very specific phenomenon of it's time rich white culture... But the fact that it's still used as a genre/tag to describe actual music of different cultures is... Well there's not much excuse for that. It's not even a useful tag for people who would use it for obvious reasons. It's just dumb.

@lastprincess @garfiald There also _might_ be a fact that music genre is not defined by signature and presence of drums, but that would cue you on this being Garfiald post and that kind of ruins the whole thing.

about ⬆️ (old toot so not mentioning the author)

That's "funny", while working on Genre/Tags implementation in Funkwhale, I stumbled on

ID3 is a specification that governs the embedding of metadata such as track titles, artist names or genre in a MP3 file so music software reading the file can reuse this data.

Guess what, the initial specification had a hardcoded list of like ~80 genres.

With some gems, such as:

- Jazz
- Funk
- Jazz & Funk
- Pop
- Pop/Funk
- Pranks
- Rock
- Classic Rock
- Southern Rock
- Intrumental rock
- Euro Techno
- Eurodance

Because why not wasting a set with a maximum size of 255 values with "Pranks", or weird combinations of already represented values, but don't put anything related to non-european or non-US cultures?

I guess that's what the "Other" category is for 🙃 .

@eliotberriot say what you like, but of all those categories, Prank should probably not be the one to go.

Merge things like Euro Techno and Eurodance, but keep Prank for stuff like Weird Al. The problem isn't "unworthy" categories, but overly-narrow categories.

@kline In a context where virtually any non-white culture isn't represented, I think any choice of category is bad.

The whole mindset of "a fixed list of 255 categories at most" is broken by design.

@garfiald Genres have always been a tool to tell white people what was "safe."

Specific examples include ragtime (now rock and roll), jazz, rap, etc. from black people, much of which has like one specific sanitized version white people have promoted.

@garfiald When I see the words "world music" I hear white people soullessly playing djembes and pan flutes

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