The Political Compass model is based on a right wing premise: that authoritarianism and libertarianism are opposed, that what it calls the "Economic-Right" can sometimes oppose authoritarianism.

The most extreme advocates of right-wing libertarianism are in fact just advocates for authoritarianism of a slightly different kind.

To classify one's own beliefs according to the Political Compass is to classify oneself according to a right-wing model of politics.

This is why we should always be wary of any model of ideology which claims to itself be outside ideology.

@garfiald That's how you get some prominent alt-right types who were right-wing "libertarians" before becoming fash. Right libertarianism is still authoritarianism, just dressed up with different rhetoric.

@Last_Gasp @garfiald Huxley covers this in Point Counter Point. The Brotherhood of British Freemen, the novel's openly fascist group, speak constantly of "individual freedom" and "liberty," but they mean the freedom for those with more (money, physical strength, social privilege, weaponry) to oppress those with less. When their leader, Everard Webley, discusses their platform, it deadass reads like a libertarian redditor trying to sell libertarianism to a clueless centrist.

@steviemcfly @Last_Gasp @garfiald when libertarians talk about individual freedom, just silently add "to own people" to the phrase regardless of context.

@garfiald I think we all know by now that really, politics is like a horseshoe

@garfiald authoritarianism is an almost useless term when applied to state politics because all states are authoritarian

@garfiald my politics are “states are bad”

Put that on your compass!

@garfiald Yeah, the logical end point of right-wing libertarianism is feudalism. Some of the more extreme proponents actually admit it.

@garfiald Not just that, but they use apalling leading questions.

Its like an exemplar for shitty data collection.


When I took the Political Compass test I was so awesome that it glitched out and the server exploded.

@garfiald A few minutes on any cursed image board and it becomes obvious that lower-right quadrant types fantasize about hoarding/stealing enough resources to establish their little authoritarian fiefdoms.

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