when you hit 1k followers Eugen dms you and shows you the secret entrance into the Deep Web version of mastodon, where everything is a hundred times hornier and a hundred times weirder. some people just cant hack it. like Laser, that's why he deleted


Cripes, don't TELL them, or they'll ALL want in!

...I've said too much. >_>


Mastodon surface level: an orgy! a carnal bacchanal of the flesh. basically that rave scene from the second Matrix movie.

Mastodon VIP sub-level: folks sitting around and playing Apples to Apples, but everyone is naked and wearing masquerade masks.

@jackdaw_ruiz @garfiald then theres the janitors closet where we hide the voodoo dolls (ebooks bots) who will whisper sweet nothings into your ears while @lynnesbian giggles through a peephole in the wall

@jackdaw_ruiz @garfiald

>naked and wearing masquerade masks.

I smell an SCP reference.

@garfiald I kinda hoping it'd be like the Silk Road tbh and the amount of followers you have be traded for digital currency.

And drugs.

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