*obsessed with clout voice* clout doesnt matter

for real tho numbers will only make you more lonely if you dont form genuine relationships on this website. i love my mastofriends, they're the real reasons i keep logging on. and if i dont know you yet, i look forward to getting to know you!

@garfiald absolutely give me good replies over boosts and favs any day

@Ashen one person telling you "i cant stop laughing at this" > ten million boosts

@garfiald I try to follow a lot of people on here, but really that's just so I can have more people to interact with than just look at 'content' or w/e. good posts will always be good, but I like it more when there's a good post that I can interact with somebody over

@PaladinQuinn @garfiald I've had some really good serious discussions on here before and some posts that have made me keel over and nearly piss myself laughing. I'd say that getting to know people through the interactions always makes their jokes funnier

@CornishRepublicanArmy @PaladinQuinn @garfiald You're spot on. I love a good shitpost, but they're better among friends.

@PaladinQuinn @Caelyn @garfiald this being a very safe space for trans people, and other LGBT folks, also really adds to that I'd say. I know here I can and will get love and support from even total strangers with stuff like that

@garfiald the community on Mastodon is wonderful and the real draw. This should really just be on every login page.

@garfiald this post is peobably true but I REFUSE to follow your orders

@garfiald Shit Garfield I met the best romantic partner I've ever had on here.

Also tell Jon he should have hooked up with Lyman.

@SeddyOchs That's amazing! I will gladly relay your opinion, which is the Correct one

@garfiald Also Garfield I didn't know you were a historian!

Shit lot of dreams coming true about you. Knew there was more to you than just being a thought bubble smart ass.

@SeddyOchs Hahaha I'm sorry to disappoint but I'm not a historian, I'm studying literature. I do love finding out about history and other stuff in the process though, hence why I post about it

@garfiald Not disappointing at all!

You still have some passion for it most people don't and that brings me a lot of joy.

@garfiald I’ll be honest, there’s still some part of me that still wants a fuckton of boosts, but the stuff that’s stuck with me the most on this site comes from me being open and all of my mastofriends coming to my aid.

@alanf personally, i post a wide variety of content, from shitposts and occasional memes to threads about serious stuff. i am the Full Package

@garfiald Oh some people like watching numbers go up.

Don't shame people for their harmless fun.

@apLundell if you take one look at my profile or like any of my posts you'll notice I am very much on of those people!! I'd be a hypocrite to say there isnt satisfaction in knowing that lots of people are enjoying your stuff, i was just trying to say that its important to mix in some deeper relationships to go with it!

@garfiald Ok, I'll believe you, but _only_ because you have a four digit follower count and are therefore a very trustworthy person.

@garfiald Clout, clout, let it all out~ These are the things that we toot about~

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