why does this academic section title sound like a friggin mastodon shitpost

@garfiald btw last night i did some poasts about lucha libre in mexico and how there's a class of luchadores for gay/bi men and trans women to wrestle as women and its a way for people to explore with and play with gender in a society with machisimo while being super camp..i think you'd like it

@wintgenstein @garfiald
its interesting that you mention that bit about women usually not being able to wrestle men... my only real experience with lucha libre is Lucha Underground and i thought one of the coolest parts of that was how Sexy Star would be matched up against the men too. I thought that was just normal there

@larrydavis @garfiald well that's what the source i read said, who knows maybe it's something that changed recently? like i said i haven't really looked into it much, just stated that its something i want to read more about

@garfiald Okay but, how *to* do Queer with things??? I need to know!!

The Venn diagram of mastodon shitposters & academics has a huge overlap

@garfiald honestly, the next line or two after that also sounds like a mastodon shitpost

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