French cops drink so much pee pee juice they're not even any good at being cops. Look at them get fucking skeeted on

this is why they've been shooting tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd before protests even start, four of them can't even handle one dude in a beanie

@garfiald that guy is my fucking hero. what a badass

@garfiald dude imagine having fucking riot gear and a shield and getting knocked around like a doll by some random dude with his bare hands lmaooooooo

@dankwraith the way beanie dude drops down like fucking jackie chan

@garfiald i literally had to rewatch that part because i couldnt fucking believe it the first time

@dankwraith @garfiald he hit so hard the jack got popped in the head by his own shield, old mate has some solid technique

@larrydavis @dankwraith @garfiald
But seriously, that guy knows how to fight. Look at his stance and those well-coordinated punches with his (presumably stronger) right arm after lighter shots fired from his left arm to displace the shield.

This is great but don't compare this working class hero to that bourgeoisie homophobic reactionary.

@nuttgodd @garfiald
Still howling at the entrance roll. I've never seen anyone do an intro that good and I watched WWF during the golden 90s.

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@garfiald pigs are pigs and all cops are bastards and I love the way French people do their labor riots and things of that nature but also he's very fortunate to live in a country with a police force that doesn't instantly riddle you with bullets because you looked at an officer in a threatening manner.

@garfiald dude i swear i've watched this clip like 20 times already

@citrustwee @garfiald last time i saw a clip i watched this much in a row was when richard spencer got punched in the mouth

@nuttgodd @citrustwee @garfiald ohhhh so good he’ll yeah. did u see the yellow vest throwing a christmas tree at a cop? i watched that one a bunch too

@garfiald @kirstyyarr holy toledo! dude has some experience? but in what? i was thinking straight-up boxing, but idk. anyway i wanna have more skills in this area so i’m always curious 👼

@alana @garfiald experience in being a Big Solid Lad! I dunno what training he has but it makes me want to go back and start doing some kind of martial art again

@garfiald if this was America that entire crowd would be shot dead

@garfiald i want to have the same utter fearlessness of beanie guy

@nuttgodd @garfiald i am literally going to do this in the smash character creator

@garfiald that moment when beanie brawler adjusted his gloves made me intensely horny

I love this so much, cops are such cowards. Its like he forgot he even had a riot shield, he's just waving it around and panicking.

@Dayglochainsaw @garfiald Cops are not cowards. We just live country where shooting at people is an absolute taboo even if they are violent. We put life on a higher level than most countries in the world. This is greatness (excuse my poor english)

@garfiald this is so fucking good, i’ve watched it like four times today at least

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