pretty interesting to me that gamer's are obsessed with dunking on polygon when its literally the least bad mainstream gaming site


have you even tried reading an ign review? that shit is epically cursed

polygon: [relatively normal journalism]
kotaku: Why It's Terrible That Mario Bros. Doesn't Allow You To Scroll The Screen Left -- And The Hacker Who Patched It Out
IGN: call of duty return with another call od duty. its' okay. i wouldn't call it fantastic or anything. 9.7 out of 10

@garfiald @lynnesbian me: thank fuck I stopped looking at those sites like 3 years ago

trending on kotaku

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@lynnesbian theres also the wonderful recent one where they sent a guy who knew nothing about the game to fan fest for FFXIV, and then he went to the dev q&a and just kept asking them about ERP for some reason whilst implying everyone in cosplay had a mental problem

@lynnesbian Kotaku is a source of Quality Journalism and definitely isn't irreparably tainted from Gawker

Super Mario Bros. for the NES is a simple game. Objects are represented by crude masses of pixels that barely look like what they're meant to depict. The physics engine is basic and unrealistic. The music is composed of catchy beeps and boops.

But despite the simplicity, Mario has something that many modern games are lacking -- Freedom of will.

In Mario, you can choose to run to the left, or to the right. But the game won't let you run TOO far to the left -- a programming limitation that would be rectified with the game's sequel. You can jump on a "Goomba", you can jump over it, you can even run into it and die. And that's something that's lacking from today's AAA games -- impactful choices that change how the game's story progresses.


Lynne Sbian has been playing video games for 30 years. She grew up with the Nintendo Entertainment System. While she's never actually completed a video game, her insight into the subtext and hidden messages in games is unparalleled.

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