had the dress rehearsal this afternoon, opening day tomorrow nite. we shall see how it goes

i mean i wont see how it goes, ill be over the booth which is helpfully placed right behind a screen so that everything is obscured from view


also you know how the finale involves people flossing while chanting the communist manifesto? well the length of time the actors have to do it for is entirely determined by the lead actor. like there's a period where he like, preparing to do something, and he can spend as long as he wants just lounging around before he gives the flossers their cue to stop. and today the motherfucker took fucking AGES the other actors were flossing and chanting for so fucking long it was painful to watch

also the people flossing and chanting the communist manifesto are dressed as steve jobs, i forgot to mention that

I desperately need context for this because honestly this just sounds like every gen-z middle school dance

@Dayglochainsaw im associate director on an experimental reworking of Hamlet

cw: violence against women, abortion, spoilers for the play if you're going to see it 

cw: violence against women, abortion, spoilers for the play if you're going to see it 

@garfiald flossing like the gamer dance or the thing i dont do with my teeth

@girl communism is involved because the text we're using as our base is not Shakespeare's Hamlet, but rather Heiner Muller's Hamletmachine, which was written in East Germany, and directly refers to things such as the October revolution and life in communist Germany

@girl gaming is involved because, in our reworking, Hamlet is an incel

@girl @garfiald ophelia as the streamer who he's really into and her "going insane" is just her dropping a single adjacent hashtag in the middle of a show

@bryceyoungquist @garfiald ophelia's death in the stream is much more literal and its just her saying slurs on twitch and getting banned

@girl @bryceyoungquist @garfiald “Neither a borrower nor lender be,” says Polonius wisely, and follows it up with, “and you can see where this is going. Let’s burn down a bank.”

incel murderer mention 

@garfiald @girl i say this with all the love in the world: this is so extremely devised theatre and i love literally every element of it

incel murderer mention 

@garfiald @girl hamletmachine is sick i haven’t read it in ages but i remember it being cool

@pbandkate @girl yeah I love that play so fucking much!!! the director and I have been talking about staging it for two years it's been a wild ride actually putting it together

@garfiald Okay, all of that sounds amazing and also it reminds me of the fact that my approach to theater is incredibly basic and boring

@sousaphone hahahaha i dont think you should worry about being more normal than this... happy to talk more about the production though... these posts dont even mention that there were no chairs and the audience could go wherever they wanted in the theatre

@sousaphone I don't think that every play needs to be directed like this sort of radical stuff, but radical theatre is good to learn about in order to realise the full range of things that are possible on a stage

@garfiald Yeah, I honestly hate a lot of the really weird modern shit I've seen but that was usually because it was just fucking terrible, not because it was weird and modern

@garfiald See, this is the kind of thing that can be really fucking cool if it's done well (or can go REALLY wrong) but I would probably never ever direct like that, I like to do stuff that sticks with very conventional approaches and then go hard below the surface. At least, that's what I try to do

And yes, I want to know more, haven't read Hamletmachine though (I only read Heiner Müller once, his version of Dangerous Liaisons and I was 15 back then so I didn't understand what the hell he was on about)

I think the weirdest shit I ever did on stage was as a musician for Ubu in chains, but I didn't direct that

@sousaphone add garfield#6660 on discord and ill try and find the script

@garfiald i was going to ask why, but im not sure i want the answer to that question

@eject oh i cannot emphasise just how real this is. also i havent mentioned like a tenth of whats in this play

@garfiald Will this be filmed at all? I really want to see it

@inkblot_sandwiches i'm afraid it wasnt logistically possible to film it... and that it was on three months ago... we would have loved to have you

@garfiald Oh damn, I really have to start looking at these timestamps

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