i think i probably enjoy about 80% of art. im talking music, film, literature, painting

like most of the time, when there's something that's like, mediocre, i will still be enjoying it


it's so fucking amazing to me that art is a thing humans do. like we're under absolutely constant pressure to perform, to fulfil ten million different obligations, and yet there are still so many people that just say fuck that i'll make something useless. it doesnt matter how much a piece of art sucks, they all have the potential to be fascinating because they open up the doors to gratuitous emotions and meaning-making, and that is a spellbinding activity all by itself.

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@garfiald We haven't developed the language to describe all of our experience efficiently (or at all). Art can fill in a lot of those gaps. If it were truly useless, we wouldn't spend so much time and energy doing it

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