i spelled out the "corner prophets" sentence with my tongue while i was eating out my wife and she queefed into my mouth

@cogitoergofemme glad you liked the post. hope your having a lovely thursday

@cogitoergofemme my apologies. i hope you're thursday is going very well

@garfiald what city do you live in garf, I'm going to level the entire place to ash

@radicalrobit @garfiald and salt the earth so that nothing grows there while you're at it

@wingodingo @nuttgodd uh oh spaghetti oh's, narced on again by the nutt person

@garfiald that's your wife's flight reflex, trying to get away from an overused meme. Like a squid jetting to safety

@garfiald im trying not to laugh on the god damn train . . .

@laurie glad you like the post queen. what you take the train for

@garfiald going to cornwall. got an interview at falmouth uni tomorrow morning . . .

@garfiald pretty good about it. i already got an offer from uwe, and an unconditional offer from winchester so like, theres not really any pressure

@laurie fuck yes!!!!! go offf queen!! get that fucking bread!

@garfiald more like, get that bread loan, for 3 years, and slowly pay back that bread

@garfiald its true, i plan on moving house too many times for them to catch up with me anyway

@laurie one of my favourite hobbies, along with making threats against the lives of members of the royal family, is not paying my taxes

@garfiald cue the gif of the guy in that tv show where the lights are off and he has to figure out what something is, so he smells the thing, says "smells like ass" and the announcer says "Correct!" when he looks at the camera with a horrified face since he just stuck his nose up a guy's ass

@garfiald mmmm, this post is so good it makes me want to take a swig from the hamlet spit bucket

@garfiald nothing much everythings pretty good how about you

@johnrandom yeah im just chilling out doing some reading and porsting on line

@garfiald the smartest person in the fediverse, everyone!

@Robby I'm glad you agree that this was a smart and clever post

@garfiald i do, i'm glad you recognized my intentions immediately

@garfiald getting a lot of pushback on this one. pretty disappointed in everyone but i guess no one is above jealousy

@garfiald sounds like we got a new alternative food source here. you’re saving the planet, garf

@garfiald hello garf. did you include the numbers for the sources?

@garfiald This came along the TL again and i saw that i had boosted it. this is the first time this has happened and i have felt regret.

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