Mastodon Instances: Explained

(image may be upsetting)

Mastodon Instances Explained, Part 2

(image may be upsetting)

Mastodon Instances Explained, Part 3

(image may be disturbing)

Mastodon Instances Explained, Part 4

(image may be disturbing; food, fire, injury)

Fediverse Instances Explained, Part 7 (that's right, we're branching out!)

Fediverse Instances Explained, Part 10:

@garfiald so appropriate in that mine is completely out of the picture

@greg @garfiald There's a computer and a mic in some room well away from there. One of us is broadcasting and the other is fixing the computer. this seems highly accurate to me...but then again idk not Mr. Accurate...nor am I Mrs. Accurate....

@garfiald Wait. There's an instance called and my internet-senior self has NOT been invited?!

[sulks for the rest of Feb.]

@amylsacks im pretty sure you can get in if you're old enough. i can @ the admin if you like?

@garfiald Thanks, Doll. But not necessary. I'm already over-committed & was just teasing.

@neufv im just having fun online, why'd you gotta turn it into an occasion to bully me

@garfiald im bullying you lovingly. do you want some green tea

@garfiald i have a bit of that as well, but we’re almost out

very gross 

slightly less but still gross 

oh no 

oh no 

christ no 

genital mention 

@pikachu hmm, ill think about it but i dunno if i can come up with anything good, so no promises

@garfiald is that a guy dressed as the joker in the bottom right. hell yeah

@garfiald garfieled please where does our humble slime fit into these diagrams?

@spookcentral i logged onto and took a photo of what i saw

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