i think leftist communities might underestimate just how much of the self-flagellating we're constantly doing might be the result of internalising the repressive efforts of those who want to silence us

the catastrophising way some self-criticism is phrased really stinks of "we have to be perfect because we're the critics of everything that exists" which, no. we'll never be perfect. the process of identifying the things we're doing wrong and navigating disagreements among our own ranks is what we should be doing all the time. for as long as you can identify things that are going wrong, you're on the right path.


saying that a mass of people can't call itself an effective political group until they attain perfection in their own eyes and all agree on everything IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WOULD SAY IF YOU WERE TRYING TO SABOTAGE THAT GROUP

oh and, in case that's not clear, I am NOT saying abusers have a place among us. they never have and never will. cheers.

A movement with popular & laudable goals must be especially vigilant against concern trolling

@garfiald The perfect is the enemy of the good, so choose the acceptable requirements, choose some goals, and work from there.

"Ideal leftism" is just that, an ideal. Achieving that is like a group trying to get to a point by traveling half the distance remaining each time. You'll never get exactly there and you'll lose people along the way.

@garfiald I would simply call them all dumbi bois and demand they follow me, The Enlightened One™

@garfiald Gamergate and the alt-right sure as fuck didn't suffer from this.

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