Based on right-wing critics of communism, a mode of production should be dismissed out if hand if one of these is true of any one State which claimed to be upholding it:

- it descended into authoritarianism

- it carried out a genocide of some kind

- a famine ever took place there

- it repressed individual liberty in any way

How, I wonder, would capitalism fare if the same standards were applied to its own evaluation?

@garfiald they pull the same shit with violence too. dismissing any sort of political change yes, because Geroges Danton sat around in 1792 saying "you know, we really just need to keep petitioning Louis for a republic". liberalism and capitalism have both been founded upon violence and authoritarianism since their very start

@CornishRepublicanArmy @garfiald You may protest, but politely, and any intimidation of anger or violence invalidates your entire movement. Now excuse me I’m going to bomb Lybia for a year.

@garfiald Any problems could always be blamed on bad individuals. Capitalism is perfect, by definition. What do you mean I can’t change the rules like that? That’s the power of free speech! I’m being oppressed!


This also serves as an accurate summary of the 300 page argument of "Manufacturing Consent."

@Ferretsyndicate damn. happy to hear that I dont have to worry about reading it anymore

@garfiald can't change capitalism because we might di the same thing. Or we might fix all of our problems and live in a perfect utopia. Could go either way. Best to just keep being predictable, though.

@garfiald Garfield DESTROYS right wingers with FACTS and LOGIC

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