some bad things are worse than others. just a little something to think about

*looks at bad thing*

*looks at considerably worse thing*

these are the same

@garfiald mmmmmmm i love the smell of garf subtoots in the morning

@garfiald I love this kind of post because it means Something Inane's happening

@byttyrs we should call you Mads "doesn't check cornflakes" Viande

@garfiald call me Mads "actually factually doesn't proactively seek out drama" Viande... but fine, I'll look

@byttyrs lmao imagine logging on to the internet with anything other than the stated intention to start some bullshit

@garfiald jesus christ y'all post so much, I only just figured out which channel has the context and it's taking nontrivial time to load

@garfiald ahh, okay, I see that someone said something inane, useless, and disingenuous. must be Wednesday!

@LuigiEsq bad things, thats what's written on the post ya dingus

@garfiald but. also. some bad things are better than others.

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