The amount of jobs that only exist to make capitalists wealthier is astounding.

Advertising, finance, insurance... I'm sure I'm forgetting huge ones

Can you even begin to imagine the amount of working hours that would just disappear with the abolition of the profit motive?

David Graeber estimates that it would be literally 50% of jobs

With the amount of time, effort, and resources capitalism forces us to waste it's amazing that we manage to produce any useful things at all

@garfiald Graeber's book "the utopia of rules" is excellent. I haven't read his "bullshit jobs" book yet

@GreenandBlack @garfiald

I saw one about french people and we are around 60% to think that "work is just a way of earning what we need to live and is meaningless"

@Superpig @GreenandBlack @garfiald

TBF I feel like French people would say that about being paramedics in a socialist utopia

@SourdoughSocialism @GreenandBlack @garfiald did you see our street medics in our strikes? They are like super heroes

@Superpig aw no that sounds epic though! I'd love to do that, I should look into training sometime. My brother has basic lifeguard/elementary paramedic training but he's not exactly political

@SourdoughSocialism @GreenandBlack @garfiald a lot of people do that in here, but they are beaten by the police too when they rush in the crowd to help someone. That's why I said that they are true heroes ^^

@garfiald that was such a good book and I always recommend reading his interviews because he sort of just cuts the contents of it into digestible pieces, same for the interviews he gave on "Debt"

@garfiald "accountability firms" and their "accountability experts"

@garfiald i think about this every day while i sell corporate travel tech

The amount of jobs which exist for no reason other than to move money around and magically create more for rich people is seriously dizzying. The amount of unproductive labor, the soulless inefficiency, the sheer number of bean counters... I need to go for a walk, sry

@garfiald I'm reading "utopie 21" from aymeric Caron, i don't know if he translated it in english but if you want a pretty good analisys of the society (focused on the french one) i recommend it to you ;) but yeah, a lot of jobs just exist to let a small portion of the population earn a lot of money that we will never see ourselves ... The worst thing is that they do not produce anything

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