@garfiald you always did have such, let’s say, interesting, ideas.

@LuigiEsq as soon as I saw your reply I was like "he's got a new bit I have to check his profile for the announcement"

@garfiald this is an instance of process and procedure, 100% transparency

@garfiald Companies would find loopholes and independent creators would get royally fucked

(I like to be positive but can't find a way to be rn)

But how would I know which things to buy in order to be happy?

@garfiald then how would I have ever learned about Blue Apron™️ the service that ships fresh, quality meals straight to your door for you to cook

@garfiald There are some things that ought to be advertised, although I think those fall under the "PSA" category.

Aren't pharmaceutical advertisements already illegal in some countries? I think it would be interesting to look at how that impacts things.

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