Doing some light reading...

What are you doing to further the cause today, fellow leftists? #communism


@kioskwitch I daresay you look rather marvellous. I am currently engaged in some theory-perusing myself, as it so happens

@garfiald aaah, an interesting choice my comrade! I wonder if there are any other #leftists on this website who are interested in theory...

@laser @garfiald @kioskwitch wow can i borrow that, i've only done it in sets of five i have no idea what to do one on one

@laser @garfiald @kioskwitch Damn, having sex with a single girl? Sounds like an upgrade for you three

@laser @garfiald @kioskwitch if you ask me, the real “accidental city” is living in a society (goddamn it I wish I had a better book for this gag but it’s the one I’m currently reading so it’s the only one in my bag)

@laser @garfiald @vegetablegremlin @kioskwitch ah, I see you’ve “gone digital” well, two can play at that game. Here, I’m considering the means of production… or should I say the disk tools of it????

@seven @ItsTheManOnTheMoon @ItsJenNotGabby @laser @garfiald I cannot see what this is in reply to which makes it a perfect post, thank you

@laser THANKS
its a good book but airplane focused unfortunately

@wintgenstein I never got around to doing my contribution to this meme, which was gonna be "y'all ever hear about ebooks?" with a selfie of me reading Lenin on one screen and hentai just barely visible on my second screen

@remulacfrommars @DylTheFunkyHomosexual @SouthernGothHick @laurie @greg @garfiald @laser @goat @kioskwitch buddy i know all the words there are. syncope, disestablishmentarianism, corpuscle, Welsh rarebit, and more

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