you know, when you look back at all of recorded human history, people keep getting things wrong over and over again about literally everything. but i've looked at the empirical evidence, and it looks to me like our current set of beliefs about the way things are is the correct one

this is just the conclusion i reached using logic

when you really think about it, the more things you deduce using a given set of premises, the more correct the premises are

@garfiald How are you so perfect garf, this couldn't be more "my kind of shitposting" if you tried

@2015_05_09 omg that's so kind of you to say!! I try my best uwu

@garfiald personally i like to just base my entire worldview on dictionary definitions, because at least those never change,

@neufv @garfiald And when they do I can just ignore the changes as being nothing but cultural Marxism.

@radicalrobit @garfiald i think more people ought to be aware of postmodern marxism, two words that fit together very well

@garfiald this implies that the maximal set of premises is also maximally correct

@garfiald no one will ever sway my belief that trans girls are cute and good to kiss

@00dani you might be onto something with that one actually

@remulacfrommars i agree, i dont expect anything major to change from now on

@papa i honestly dont think we need any more science at this point, we've got it pretty much figured out

@popefucker yeah, we've had most stuff figured out for a while. no point to keep going

@garfiald I think that modern society is so correct that we should build a time machine, travel to middle ages and laugh at the peasantry. That is the logical conclusion of being 100% correct, everybody else is so wrong and we can and must mock them for it.

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