the original bear/twink duo, of course, was God/Jesus

@garfiald we catholics believe God *is* Jesus, and the bear/twink dynamic represents the duality of man

@healyn @Sapphicgiraffic @garfiald
Holy Ghost was still figuring it out and was lying to itself before it turned into the Holy Spirit and embraced its truth

@healyn @Sapphicgiraffic @garfiald and a voice boomed down from the heavens:
"PLEASE.... FUCK MY WIFE........"

you: make a joke
me: argue about the theology of it
you: ?_? wtf

@batterpunts Jesus is the Original Twink. This is common knowledge

@batterpunts this doesn't look to me like bible "Original Content"

@garfiald you know these things got reinterpreted over the eons, this is as good as any other version

@dankwraith @garfiald To be fair to bear/god though, Jesus is a REALLY pushy bottom and had it coming.

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