hmm. my university gave a research fellowship to a race scientist. very cool

love too be taught by someone that wants me dead

Hey, you know what, this guy looks like he has a lot of publications, lets check them out--- OwO what's this

also, the article thats hilariously called "A Global Analysis of Islamist Terrorism"? zero citations

so yeah the £9,000 pounds a year that im paying are now directly funding attempts to prove that I'm genetically inferior. pretty epic

Breaking News (from 3 days ago): Noah Carl's fellowship has been terminated, after months of investigation. Compared to some ~ other ~ investigations which have taken place in Cambridge University, this one was pretty brief. A very interesting nugget of the conclusions reached by the investigation, is that while it found that Carl should not have a fellowship, it also found that there was nothing wrong with the process which led to him being given the fellowship.

So, while it is wrong that a race scientist with appalling research credentials was given a fellowship, there is nothing wrong with the process by which the fellowship was given to him. In other words, bad things happen, but they do so out of pure accident, and there is nothing wrong with the system within which they happen. An interesting, hypothesis, for sure.


Let's be clear: this would never have been investigated if it hadn't been for the students of colour who fought for their (and my own) safety by relentlessly protesting and pressuring the college in question. Three of these students (again, all people of colour) were threatened with disciplinary action for peacefully protesting. They were accused of being "intimidating and threatening" by their college. This was not investigated, and no apology has been offered to these students.

The academic equivalent of calling the police for no good reason, I guess.

@garfiald hold up, didn't something like this happen at another prestigious uni a few years ago too? I can't remember which one but I'm sure someone racist got hired somewhere major and it led to similar threats made to students fighting it

@sophia @garfiald Jordan Peterson except that was only a month or two ago?

@georgieboy @sophia This shit happens all the time. Peterson was at Cambridge also, I posted an exhaustingly long thread about it

@garfiald @sophia Yep, I remember that thread. I was just happy he’s out of my province, but I guess we should take out our own garbage.

@sophia @garfiald not sure if this is the thing you're thinking of but UCL hosted a eugenics/race science/white supremacist conference for several years before it got exposed by the student paper. the guy this thread is about was an attendee, unsurprisingly.

@lennie @garfiald I remember that well, I'm an avid Toby Young critic, this was probably closer to four or five years ago though. I know someone I can ask I think, at least

@garfiald we had a registered sex offender working at my university as head of a department until last year when some students got a petition going to remove him. and i mean serious charges too, the girl was like 14. colleges are absolutely terrible about students’ safety.

@garfiald I'm getting reminded of the whole Cecil Rhodes story at Oxford, and it's just as if there were people in positions of authority at these universities who would engage in active lobbying for supporting these ideas.

Also it's "funny" it's happening days after Cambridge announced their intentions to *research how much slavery benefited the university, and how long and to what extent academics there reinforced and propagated racist theories*.

Well here's a data point for "how long"...

@crowpersona Oh yeah, that investigation is its own bag of worms

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