one thing Id completely forgotten is how caracterful Alice is... she's completely unphased by anything that happens

i dont know which is more fucked up: that they asked the animators to draw anthropomorphic child oysters, or that this is how they turned out

omg its the flowers!!! i love the flowers that was always my favourite bit!!

hey what the fuck these flowers are full of shit

OH FUCK here comes the catterpillar... this really is the best segment of this movie

ok so the caterpillar is a very explicit arabic stereotype but he's pretty badass so im gonna give the movie a pass on that one

I would like to be larger sir... 3 inches is such a wretched height

i think this image has had more influence on my creative development than anything else ive ever encountered, to be quite honest

@garfiald they will not hesitate. you will be destroyed

@garfiald tweedle dee and tweedle dum: ruthless global assassins

Or the way pedophilia in church is suggested with this scene
Marvellous piece of art, all the Alice movie.

@garfiald is he? the fuck. did they just go "he's got a hookah, he must be Arabic" or w/e

@garfiald like, isn't he supposed to be some sort of hookah smoking military officer originally, or is my memory bad

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