yeah peemo knows what im talking about. im a big peemo fan, always have been, day one fan

damn everybody boosting this im a fan of... yall know who you are

sel, we all know whats up with sel, the star, icon, number one only

people dont want me to say it, but im gonna come out and say it anyway. wandrew underrated

adam i see you interacting with these posts. your an og and a classic, a must have of the posts

how could i forget about rico, the icon and mainstay of the platform, a guiding light through the maze of posts, and badass

will of course, the wise guardian keeping watch over the tl... lending advise to passers by... i respect him more than anything

jer is a dirty boy and maniac, posting maverick... complete windscreen wiper of a man, a must-follow

chaffers, has earned my respect through her posting acumen and general prowess

molly is honestly the most wonderful, coolest, most calming pal i have on here, i always have loads of fun chatting to her, the posts are just a bonus at this point

weeg... weeg is the only poster on here who is truly "keeping it old school" and thats something i respect. also a fucking amazing pal, a comrade, such a good boy

hanny is so fucking cool, absolutely bwilliant, great artist, great poster, great pal

if your reading a post, and its expanding the dimensions of your brain, making you encompass new possibilities of Thought and Dialectic. you might be reading a dank wraith post

theres no speaking to the things evelien has done, for the platform, and, indeed, humanity at large

i wrote a whole garf thread about how great nutts posts are so yall already know whats up when you hear the name "nutt godd"


grant is loawkey so funny? like always make real funny posts, and also a chill and wholesome presence

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space drake, your real .scoial og, absolutely a classic character, always can be relied on to converse on matters of philosophy, theology, or cinema, im saying thats a great pal youve got right there with him

wicche is a master of the lowkey... a subtle, sophisticated poster, who knows what sneaky shit wicche is gonna do next

who the fuck on here doesnt know ross is a stone cold killer, provider of illuminating witticisms and many a memorable quip

i dont know what skeleton is up to but i know its scary and powerful

jake, you know what, your a sweet boy, deep down

morgan is a great pal and joyfull, chaotic presence

extinct of course, one of the Absolute Classics Original members of the lineup, and master draughstperson

ive said it before, ill say it again, im glad cronjager is back

toilet.... dont make me say it (dont make me say toilet is epic)

aleums is gweat and such a good boy, you know what, we can leave the bripe thing behind us

j is freaking epic. you all know it. their up to some rad shit

hmmm at this point, if you need me to tell you laser is The account to follow for the Posts... wtf are you doing

in addition, CJ is a marvel cause he can just turn on the posts like that 👏 (imagine thats a finger snap emoji) also he better not whine about how its not the same because he asked me to make this post... little shit

@garfiald for real though I really appreciate this and you, I literally am always happy to see you on the tl and have a chat with you

@garfiald make this an ff post tmrw plz i know like... half of these names

@velexiraptor their all the people that boosted the og post that im good pals with

@garfiald thanks garf but you know I bring the bripe everywhere I go

@garfiald Thanks for the endorsement and also I'm sorry but you mentioning the bripe inspired my latest post

@garfiald im weeping. Im bawling at this posts genius. Thank you my friend

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