when americans say they "majored" in something it means it was the thing they were best at shooting with guns when they served in the army

@garfiald this is my General Social Sciences. there are many like it, but this one is mine.

It's true. When I say I dual majored in Poli Sci and International Relations, what I mean is that I loaded copies of Edward Said and treaty law textbooks into the low and high houses at an outdoor range and shot them out of the air like clay pigeons.

People who study anatomy are terrifying, unstoppable monsters

@garfiald i can confirm that i was great at shooting sociology. "Take that, Durkheim!", i would say at the gun range

@healyn fucked up that healyn killed emile durkheim with a gun

@garfiald i have killed thousands of computers, and i will kill again.

@garfiald yup, my linguistics major taught me so much when it comes to absolutely going ham on the syntacticians

@Hightithe @byttyrs @garfiald shooting a PCIe FPGA accelerator card just to watch its die

@garfiald My chemistry major means that I specialized in flamethrowers and their ilk.

*aims at Jean-Paul Sartre* I've got your intersubjectivity right here, fucker

"I want to be the first philosophy major on my block to get a confirmed kill"

@garfiald it's a fact and that's why psychology majors should scare you ❌ :pistol:

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