since we're in story mode on this most holy of nights: one time i was on a train with friends, i was like 14, i thought it'd be funny to punctuate a joke i made by farting as loud as possible, but i followed through and like VISIBLY shit myself and had to run for the toilet, which was occupied btw. this used to haunt me everytime someone mentioned a train, let alone i was near the station.

@garfiald i swear i only ever intended for something like "AND THAT'S *fart* A FACT!" or whatever but what happened was the equivalent of "AND THAT'S *violently shits self*"

@kasia you know that is precisely the kind of stand-up comedy i would gladly pay £22.50 pounds to see at the endinburgh fringe festival

@kasia @garfiald Just so you know, I just died of vicarious embarrassment and am now ded.

@melivia @garfiald in the eyes of most of society and frankly a worryingly large proportion of doctors, yes

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