are they announcing both nobel prizes for lit at the same time this year? if so, fuck that shit, i dont want to have to wait until october to bitch about the winner

its been two years!!! please!!! i need something to complain about!!!


like yes this year does give us the double whammy of poet laureate and oxford prof of poetry but those are so booooooooooring compared to the nobel. you cant even be that mad at simon armitage, he's too normal. you cant do it

actually now that i remember oxford prof of poetry is getting announced this week so thats something im excited to get pissed off about

i mean the only acceptable winner in my eyes is also the favourite by miles BUT theres one guy in the running who sucks big donkey nuts and theres still a chance he'll win so im not losing hope that ill have something to bitch about

@garfiald as a freaking normie, why should I care about the Nobel prize? Sounds lame to be honest. Please help me understand

@deltaidea it is lame. the only purpose is it gives people who want to pretend their smart something to care about. thats it

@garfiald so it's like a sport but about poetry or something? Is there tension? Drama? Who's the underdog this year?

@deltaidea well the thing with the nobel prize for lit is the pool of potential candidates is enormous and the shortlists are kept secret so there's no real way of anticipating the winner except by bitterly muttering "cormac macarthy is due this year" like americans love to do

@garfiald ah, so they maintain a competitive event which is what sports is, but they also deny it and try to cover it up? Sounds delightfully pretentious, I love it!

@deltaidea its hilarious, they release the shortlists and deliberation minutes 50 years later so everybody gets the full extent of the gossip with a 50 year delay, which is precisely the speed at which the literary world moves

@garfiald Are we sure they aren't just 50 light-years away? Has anybody checked?


making david foster wallace the posthumous prof of poetry

@spookcentral thanks to our brand new non-corporeal technology, for the first time ever, david foster wallace is able to lecture BANDANA FREE

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