i am apolitical! i dont get involved in politics! it aint my scene! i am a bumbling fucking imbecile! i am so fucking clueless! i am ignorance on legs! and this allows me to discern exactly what it is thats going on here

@00dani @garfiald their credentials are dubious. They're liberals who called themselves leftists because its fashionable to do so but have no actual left ideology

@burgin @00dani @garfiald also dont use the blobderpy emoji its ableist against people with downs syndrome

@wintgenstein @garfiald perhaps but that's, a very different thing from most of masto claiming to be apolitical? :blobcatthinking:

@00dani @garfiald i mean i get people telling me to tag uspol for when i did a psa telling people the many reasons why its fucked up to use "crackhead" as an insult so like, it seems like a lot of people on here strive to be pretty apolitical to me

@00dani @garfiald me: hey the US government did a genocide on a whole generation of my people and locked the rest of us up in prison
weirdos on here: hmm can you tag this so i don't have to read it

@wintgenstein @00dani @garfiald please, do not make me face my privilege. that is bad for you to do that, actually. please, hearing things that other white people did,? i dont want to listen. this is praxis. i am a radical socialist, and love to smash oppression of all forms.


@laurie @00dani @garfiald before you followed me i had this weirdo italian i think guy go on about how uncivilized native americans were and all these straight up fash talking points that were used to justify genocides and like, i see people interact with them? which is wild

@laurie @00dani @garfiald it was this person but thankfully the thread isn't indexing.
lots of "they just killed each other and had kings [they did not] so it wasn't good or bad that millions of them were killed to pave the way for capitalism"

@garfiald radically apolitical militia, "I don't care so much I will murder people, but having opinions is gay".


There is actually a difference between realising that blind tribalism is pretty damn unproductive, and the walking contradiction you're strawmanning here


"I am the most neutral of you all, so I must be right... right ?"

mood rant re: liberal 

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