you can't talk "punching terfs" antifa talk if you think screenshotting is a step too far when dealing with people calling for genocide


I really feel there's some history behind this toot.

@auramun @garfiald

I think maybe it's good that I missed it. The worst thing I've been following has been the whole mess with the Ion Fury dev being a transphobic asshole (and maybe anti-vaxx?).

@Nezchan @garfiald I missed that one, but I got the Fedichive admin being an asshole instead. Whew, it's been a mess these days hasn't it?

@garfiald I'm super over people protecting bigots in their screenshots like even i don't interact with them I'm gonna fucking block them they don't deserve anonymity.

@garfiald i have a serious question. i don't mean this in bad faith. i think those nazi assholes should get everything they deserve. but,

how do we deal with the fact that screenshots are easily forged, with no technical knowledge and nothing but your web browser?

i know several people, members of minority groups, who have been harassed out of spaces after someone posted edited screenshots of things that they never said, by the very sort of people we're trying to warn about via these screenshots.

@garfiald this is the big reason i hear about when people say screenshotting is a bad thing, and it's a problem i've seen friends be on the bad end of, and had to deal with as a moderator of a community space. i don't know how to approach this other than to say screenshots like this can't be trusted and shouldn't be posted (and to go to the admins before all else, so they can actually deal with the problem)

@ky0ko the unfortunate answer is that screenshots are often used because the post is likely to be deleted, in which case the only way to authenticate the original post is archiving, which raises its own thorny ethical questions, and i dont have a simple answer to that, i think your point is valid. my fundamental contention is that "screenshotting is bad" just isnt the initial reaction one should have when users are reacting to overt genocidal apologia

@garfiald it's so wild like. screenshotting is literally the tamest shit!!! how the fuck is that someone's first concern in that situation

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