modern music is so repetitive... i would largely prefer it if they had to play every different note of the chromatic scale before repeating a note


beethoven... you fucking idiot... repeating a note three times over and THEN repeating THAT like 70,000 times? You are every thing that is wrong with repetitive urban music

In the time it takes for repetitive ass Mozart to change theme an actually varied artist like lil nas x has made 9 different songs in different keys and tempos

@garfiald Beethoven is everything wrong with young peoples music, back in my day you died of cholera before you could even line up two notes in a sonnet.

@garfiald The Allegretto from the 7th symphony will always be my favourite example of a composer showing off... "Look, I take basically nothing and repeat it a whole bunch and all of a sudden it's the grandest thing you've ever heard and you're crying, fuck you, I'm motherfucking beethoven I can do fucking ANYTHING!"

@garfiald sometimes I read people say how original beethoven was and I'm always baffled because he's so incredibly boring to me

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