iggy pop: i am a passenger

me: i can see that

iggy pop: and i ride and i ride

me: ah... and uh, where are you headed?

iggy pop: i ride through the city's backside

me: haha! I, uh... i wouldnt personally call it that haha

iggy pop: would you like to buy some insurance

@garfiald does this imply you, the listener, are the driver and iggy is riding in your car

@lulucybrelu when i was writing it i was thinking that iggy pop and i might be sitting next to each other on the train or the bus, but this version works just as well

Iggy, singing:
'I am a passenger
and I ride and I ride
I ride through the city's backside'
me, jamming and closing my eyes : 'ooh yeah'
iggy: 'dude what the hell watch the road oh my god turn right TURN R'

@garfiald (now I want to see your take on the Beatles' Walrus)

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