name a man film director & i will shit on him for faves

@violet only film of his ive seen is endless poetry and wow some of it is really fucked up so this is too easy

@garfiald like his latest film (or second latest idk) was like "wow isnt 3d experimental and epic #gamer"

@laurie why did he not just make straight up porn instead of dressing it up all fancy... im trying to jerk my dick here

@em yeah he really sucks... like his trademark style is just "kinda boring" thats barely a style

@garfiald got lowkey mad at my boss when she decided we were showing Everybody Wants Some back when that came out. it’s so fucking bad

@SunSaint goddesses & slay queens. not made a bad film in their life

@garfiald yes .....I now have my tastes verified by The Garf Himself

@Spacedrake dude needs to stop with the closeups... like we can see the things from afar & when he gets too close we just cant see the other stuff, a real waste of film

@kioskwitch @Spacedrake when I pay to see a movie i am paying to see more things!!! not fewer!!

@garfiald @Spacedrake if he was at least a closeup guy. then i wouldnt be as mad. but. but he isnt

@kioskwitch @garfiald I would def go watch this theoretical movie that is all wide shots

@Spacedrake @kioskwitch space drake there are multiple french directors whose films are entirely wide shots

@Spacedrake @kioskwitch chief among them Bertrand Blier (giant vagina volcel guy)

@garfiald @kioskwitch how do all of your movie opinions come back to this guy

@Spacedrake @kioskwitch hes been one of the greatest influences on my life, creatively and otherwise

@kioskwitch @Spacedrake Zack sharf of indiewire as well as unnamed video essayists would beg to differ

@garfiald @Spacedrake he does incredible closeups, thats not the same thinggggg

@kioskwitch @Spacedrake also, he realised how good joaquin phoenix is like 5 years before the rest of hollywood did and still didnt manage to write him his best role (You Were Never Really Here)

@DirectorBlack i think we can all agree babel was a fucking waste of time

@garfiald birdman used to be one of my fave films and i realized it's just innaratu whining "waaaaaah, why does everyone including meanie critics pay attention to superheros instead of my wonderful art? this says a lot about society! waaaaaah!"

@radicalrobit sicario speaks for itself. Annihilation: what even happens in that movie? Like it doesn't tell you what the ending is, its so confusing. .

@garfiald how much did it hurt you to write that about annihilation?

@radicalrobit why are their eyes weird... i was sitting in the theatre like "what the fuck"

@garfiald garf please stop hurting yourself like this, you're among friends here.

there's plenty of legit criticism you could make of ex machina instead

@garfiald I was expecting more on the atrocious overrated snorefest that was arrival. It's right there! Smdh

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