@anarchiv nice... my account is finally getting the clout it deserves

passive-aggressive? passive-aggressive. 

@garfiald oh look it's garf on their "never follow back" bullshit again

@garfiald look at my followers / following stats its the most embarrassing thing lol

@anarchiv Alexis i cannot see your account ive been suspended from twitter

@garfiald [extremely online on twitter voice] LIKE I CARE

@breakfastgolem I'm not gonna give them my number to reactivate it. Just keep my account in purgatory for ever

@karolat terfs are scum who deserve to get their ass beat

@garfiald people who beat people up who disagree with them are much worse than scum i guess

@garfiald suspended for the worst form of bigotry: anti bigot? in this economy? on twitter dot com?

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