mastodon 2.0: we all move into a big house together

you have no idea how long ive spent daydreaming about this

just chilling and you can pop on over next door to have some tea with bryn... go downstairs and whats that? sel and hyperlink are watching over the hedge

over in the recording studio, mads is putting together an electro-prog track. healyn is on vocals

just imagine, your making breakfast and you say "good morning how are you", and the reply is "good morning im bryce youngquist"

@garfiald [extremely "I made oatmeal, do you want some? also there is literally nothing in it but oats and water" voice] I'm Bryce Youngquist

@garfiald we're half watching it and sending each other pictures of our reactions instead

@bryn i hope i was accurate in my observation that you are someone who has tea with people

@garfiald all I did in my first year of uni was message my group chat "anyone want tea"

@garfiald with the magic of modern transit... we could turn this dream into a reality

@garfiald yes!!! I like Cambridge I haven't been there for several years tho

@bryn be careful, I just might take you at your word

@bryn if you come I swear to god I'll make sure you have a nice as hell time. I'm not joking about this.

@garfiald you'd better be ready to make good on that bitcj when are you free i will make this fucking happen

@bryn 2nd to 5th of October. Weekend is a bit hectic then everything after that term is happening and i have no idea what my schedule will look like but I know it'll be very chill

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@garfiald @bryn this is the most sick and twisted thing you have ever posted on main

@garfiald stop teasing the mastodon commune and build it already challenge 2020

@garfiald cryptid wing in the basement, complete with spooky sounds on the PA

@garfiald a floor for every instance and all the single user instances get crammed into the basement

@lynnesbian @garfiald So thousands of floors for the multi-user instances... counting those with only like 4 users... and only ONE for the single-user ones? Not fair. >:(

@lynnesbian @garfiald And imagine how crammed the Pawoo and floors would be...

@garfiald This thread honestly has me super excited. 😊 I wanna live on a giant farm with y'all and learn to farm and make clothes and teach people Emacs tricks. I could get gendered correctly by everyone and not even need to think about transitioning except for my own sake. 😊

@MadestMadness It's definitely nice as hell to get gendered the way you like no questions asked

@garfiald I have this with one of my little friend circles and it's heaven whenever I get to hang out with them 😊

@garfiald It'll be good, but I will be playing favourites when feeding the cats and shirking cleaning duties. I am the tragedy of the commons incarnate, and I want everyone to be forewarned.

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