Mark my words: 2020s will be the decade of phrenology


ruh roh!! looks like somebody's starting early!

@requrious I mean, if the scientists are saying it, how in the world could it be misogynistic

@garfiald Ah yes, archeology and IT are exactly the same thing, and arcgeologists can determine the gender/sex of dead bodies in 0,5 s and are necer wrong. Totally a good justification.

@garfiald Like we say in France : Cheh.
(Some reviews say that the app also discriminate by race. 🙃)

@garfiald ... but we aren't actually very confident in that? Like it's enough to go "huh this mass grave is basically all male." But not enough to identify a specific skeleton with good accuracy?

@garfiald I am aware of giggle but not aware of it's social relevance. I just found out about it yesterday

@JohnBrownJr @garfiald my first thought: damn garf, way to flex on us by posting cum pics

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