it's so fucking cool that half the work people do is literally useless and we're still told that we're not productive enough to deserve to live

*endlessly rearranging an excel spreadsheet whose sole purpose is maximising the number of my fellow workers that can get fired* at least im earning more than teachers and nurses

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@garfiald work at this point is an absurd medieval superstition to ward off homelessness and starvation

@micrackbiron @knownrobes i mean, it seems fairly intuitive that people should not be forced to perform labour that is literally unnecessary

@garfiald @knownrobes oh, of course! I think some people are desperate for work, is all. In theory, my day job could just be "absorbed" by several other employees, but it exists. It was kind of custom created for me.

@micrackbiron @knownrobes Right! And the argument isn't that people who have to work useless jobs are to blame, or that these jobs should be destroyed and they should be left to starve. The argument is that, instead of doing unnecessary work in order to pay for your food and your home, you could just, not do any work, and the food you eat and the home you live in *would not disappear*. There's no reason why you shouldn't still have them.

@garfiald What kind of work are you referring to? (I know this was a shitpost, but still, I'm curious)

@micrackbiron mostly managerial and administrative jobs, although there are entire industries (banking, insurance, advertising) that literally do not serve any human purpose. This is argument is taken from Bullshit Jobs: A Theory (2018) by David Graeber



OK now I'm convinced that Graeber's not just worth following, not just worth following *closely*, but worth basing meaningful predictions on.

@garfiald @micrackbiron i'm currently reading a new theory of company dynamics:

it's deeply painful and fascinating

@meena Oh dear...I think I may be in the Clueless category (at least in the company I currently work for)

@garfiald @micrackbiron there's a (small) core to those industries (with perhaps the exception of advertising), but they've metastasized way beyond that core to the point where they're not just bullshit make-work jobs, they're jobs which basically everyone would be better off if they were not done.

@garfiald Of course "productive" is a technical term, usually meaning profitable and non-threatening to the existing order.

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