thinking about the academie francaise declaring that gender neutral language is putting french in "mortal peril". your fucking right!!

sex work slur, spanish language prescriptivism 

sex work slur, spanish language prescriptivism 

@garfiald of all the languages I'd fight, French is number fucking one.

@garfiald my French is really solid still (haven't studied in years, but studied long enough that it just kind of stuck)... however I learned all the gendered garbage of course and I was so fascinated to hear about the neutral forms developing over the past few years. I would really like to be able to "be" nonbinary in French, so I'm wondering if there's a good primer anywhere that you'd recommend?

@wicche hmm yes I posted one like a year ago let me see if I can find it

@garfiald oh hell yeah I was hoping someone had come up with -euxe for -eux/euse endings, this is perfect

@garfiald us french enbies gotta stick together in this garbage language

@garfiald is gender-neutral french l'interdit francais?

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