you only think "pretentious" art is made to exclude you and that you don't/can't "get it" because it's what you've been told

artists don't set out to make stuff that only a select audience of "educated" pieces of shit would be able to get. that is ridiculous. the people that want to keep you from realising the extent of your aesthetic and intellectual potential are the ones who want to keep you from encountering good art

rothko doesn't hate you. barnett newman doesn't hate you. maurizio catellan certainly doesn't hate you. the people telling you you won't get it, they're the ones who hate you

@garfiald garf when are you going to get a producer and take this to video

@garfiald Eugen Rothko probably does hate me for the crimes i have perpetuated against his website

@cosmicevan @garfiald I think there is an artist by the name of Rothko that I am actually related to, but I do not know if it's that one or another one

@Gargron @cosmicevan @garfiald can i have a turn on the twitter now i promise it will be much worse than last time

@cosmicevan @garfiald Knowing what transformations my own last name went through when I changed citizenship I would not be surprised if Rothko and Rochko come from the same origin.

@Gargron @cosmicevan @garfiald oh 100%, there are plenty of Americans with butchered phonetic spellings of Eastern European names because when their ancestors came over the guy at Ellis Island didn't give a shit how they wanted it spelled and he was going to write it how it god damned sounded

@Gargron @cosmicevan go claim you're phat rothko inheritance imo... secure the bag hunty

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