eugen when he sees people on h3re start a lobbying campaign to add a "shitting" button that enables you to "shit" on select profiles


@truckfreak has Shit on you! Choose your response

-"Fuck you"
-*Shit back*
-*Do nothing*

@garfiald i have an a 1 million dollar idea that will pull mastodon directly out of the dead water. hear me out.

@garfiald all right. so first off we know that the mastodon mastodon has become soft in recent years. the users no longer fear them

@garfiald and it is necessary, I believe, to threaten your users with some sort of villain, to increase the perceived valueof their posts

@garfiald but how do you shake the core of a public fresh off the heel's of the 9/11 atrocities. what is it that they fear the most

@garfiald they fear Chaos. they fear those who dont simply loot and plunder as the mastodon does, but those who seek to Destroy.

@garfiald and so me & the boys have invented "the mastoshitter". a fictional man who jumps up on instances and shits all over the users posts

@garfiald i know its fucked up. but "shit" is one of the last few apolitical threats. 99% of ppl on both sides of the spectrum dont like it

@garfiald this is money in the bank. put the mastoshitter in all mastodon branding, and enjoy a tenfold increase in userbase

@garfiald the current slogan, "Social networking, back in your hands", will no longer do. i would suggest replacing it with "Look out. Here comes the MastoShitter"

@garfiald it will go without saying that hes an ugly son of a bitch. goblin-like. someone you;d particularly not want shitting on your posts

@garfiald i would suggest studying caricatures from early 1900s racist war propaganda to help devise his gruesome appearance

@garfiald thats it. thank you for hearing me out. i am a huge fan of the"federal tl" and im nice once you get to know me

@esvrld @garfiald so basically the Noid, but explicitly rather than implicitly coprophiliac

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