People are endlessly surprised when ideology prevents folks from "getting" the obvious point of a work of art because we've been taught that art exists in a separate world and has magical powers that beam the "message" into people's brains. But just as ideology conditions your interpretation of political events, it conditions your interpretation of everything else. If you already think real rich people aren't parasites, you're not gonna think the rich people in movies are either.

If you already think being an asshole is cool and is completely justified if you're smart, you're gonna think the smart assholes in TV shows are cool and it's cool that they're assholes. No matter how clearly stated the "intent" of a work of art is, nobody can make you see it if you don't want to.

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@garfiald this is true but i think you can make different levels of effort to be clear about what you're saying too... i feel like a lot of modern media is perfectly designed to be read as leftist if you're leftist and as more conservative if you're not

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camouflage is a survival technique used by many animals 🤷

@sydneyfalk @garfiald seems to me that large-scale media productions are not animals in danger

@sydneyfalk @garfiald i would agree with that if by "we" you meant humans


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(frex, I'm convinced that the Cracked video folks got liquidated because they were openly critical of Rump; money buys businesses, and that money has an agenda. so staying off radar or below it at least makes sense in some cases. also we're all fragile, delicate human creatures and most humans are like, what, two missed paychecks from homelessness, at best? so, yeah. I think people hide when they're threatened, like many animals will. but I agree with your point regardless)

@garfiald Idk, I'm yet to see impressionable teens wearing BoJack Horseman shirts, but a lot of them have Rick and Morty stuff, specifically with that "I value your opinion very little" quote.

@garfiald This is a good sign, because I usually can't stand the rich people in movies. I could barely watch Mad Men.

@garfiald judging by how many criticisms of art are based on the inability of the critique to "get it" at first sight, I'm gonna say you're totally right.

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