Listening to Rage Against the Machine for the first time in a while. What dreadful lyrics: anti-cop, racist against whites, total rejection of civility, communist, all around an aggressive embodiment of victimhood culture.

@wintgenstein @melissasage @garfiald
I strongly oppose capital punishment but I think it's fair to say 961 people deserve the wall

@anarchiv @wintgenstein @melissasage @garfiald in a sense tho, ppl who have that consciousness and openly express it are kind of revealing how things really are more than wishy washy centrist liberal types pretending there’s no civil war going on. i think ppl opposed to ppl like that guy often need to be clearer abt how hostile such ppl rly are.

@anarchiv @wintgenstein @melissasage @garfiald it’s good like the “dark enlightenment”.

(i guess i have to cw this reply now.)

@wintgenstein @melissasage @garfiald been off Twitter so long I forgot that exists... Thank you for bringing my eye cancer out of remission...

@garfiald I mean /where's all the music for white people?????/

@garfiald not to forget sexist against male cattle. Let them have a parade!!

@garfiald Jack forces you onto Twitter if you keep posting toots like this....


But they still use Ticketmaster, don't they? So there's hope!

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