Bond Awards :oscar:

Best Actor: Daniel Craig
Best Supporting Actor: Peter Sellers
Best Actress: Eva Green
Best Supporting Actress: Judi Dench

Worst Actor: George Lazenby
Worst Supporting Actor: Woody Allen
Worst Actress: Halle Berry
Worst Supporting Actress: Denise Richards

Best Soundtrack: Casino Royale (67)
Best Theme: Live and Let Die
Worst Theme: too many to count

@Thomas yes yes yes a hundred times yes i am more here for this than i have been anything in my life

@garfiald it took me a month and a half to do this and I’m losing my mind now. I had Bond dreams


@Thomas LOL! you should have activated the cheat code (wasted all of my childhood watching and rewatching these movies so that they will be the last thing i remember before i die)

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