Illuminated Initials of the Chansons d'Amour Thott 291 8º manuscript (late 15th century): appreciation thread

I really must emphasise that these are initials. This person was asked to "do a pretty-looking T" and they thought "oh I know: snail hat"

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@garfiald someone should recreate the turban sage post using these letters

@garfiald all the best image captions start with "Fuck it."

@garfiald I wonder how many people read this and got really excited before getting to "(drawn)"

GNU incunable 

@garfiald well this is Richard Stallman, what is he doing here?

@garfiald i think my favorite in this whole thread is the monkey riding the dragon, snail hat is pretty great though

@garfiald this S???? just a double headed dragon would have worked fine. why the ass and leg

@Thomas @garfiald [Hanson voice] M-bat, ba duba dat ba du bat ba duba bat

@garfiald this isn't music? the lines look rather like what early staffs look like iirc

@garfiald I wonder if this style of drawing flourishes at the beginning of a staff is why modern clefs are so stylized! like how you can tell a treble clef used to be a cursive G and the bass clef still looks pretty close to an F

@garfiald damn, guess I know what research hole to fall down next

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