If anyone is wondering what I've been up to, I've spent the last 3 weeks staring at this extract from a 1982 interview of Michel Foucault and steadily losing my fucking mind

How do you find that answer?
I think his view interesting but that he says in so many convoluted ways what could be sumed up by : being gay is to confront heterosexuality as the default and only option. Which is limiting one's possibility at forming innovative relationships


@freyja_wildes I think that's a good summary. I also think that the distinction between "gay" and "homosexual" is really interesting, and is especially powerful considering the context (in 1982 in France, "gay" had not yet become widely used), I think Foucault is trying to develop an entirely new concept. Specifically, he's trying to push against notions of sexual "identity", in favour of a creative process, which I think is a very useful idea today.

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