Getting into some actual lewd detail 

Thinking about trans icon Charles Hamilton (c. 1721-?), whose wife testified that she did not realise her husband was trans until two months into their marriage, even though they'd had sex several times. He was truly a sex god


Charles Hamilton started wearing his brother's clothes and presenting as male at the age of 14. He was the apprentice of a quack doctor, before setting off to work on his own. Charles was by all accounts very successful. Financially independent, travelled around England selling his snake oil, accounts describe him as "very gay", "bold", and "impudent". He was by all accounts boisterous and sociable. His wife outed him in 1746, and his case was widely reported.

However, his conviction did not stop him. After the authorities released him, he travelled from Somerset to Devon, and then set sail from Devon to Philadelphia in autumn 1751. Once in America, he continued to find success as a quack doctor. He was outed and arrested again in Pennsylvania in 1752. Since it was not a crime to be trans, he was released. He continued to work and to live as a man. The last trace of him in the records is when he is accused of stealing a horse in Philadelphia in 1764.

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P.S. As with every historical trans person ever, don't look him up unless you want to be bombarded with transphobia

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@garfiald i hope when i am 43 i have half the gumption of this eighteenth century trans alleged horse thief

@garfiald and thus was born the The Lower Merion Society for the Detection and Prosecution of Horse Thieves and the Recovery of Stolen Horses

@garfiald (ignoring the 1818. ...but Lower Merion borders Philly so I'm sure his hijinks led to this!)

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