so disadvantaged students are getting worse grades because the skynet algorythm downgrades people for going to schools which have historically produced lower grades. genius system

the classic factors of lower achievement werent enough. they literally had to build an algorythm out of old cardboard and duct tape that actively lowers your grades for being poor

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@dockers yeah ive seen loads of stories like that floating around. very fucked

@dockers wait, what the fuck, your grade changes based on what school you're attending? how do people try to justify this? @garfiald

@Awizardofearthsea @dockers yeah lol. teachers were asked to submit predicted grades and to rank their students, if the grade is judged to high by the algorithm for a student of that ranking in that school, it gets marked down

@garfiald wow, no way racism and classism can manifest in that system, no way that unfiarly penalizes students for all sorts of reasons... @dockers

@garfiald @Awizardofearthsea @dockers

What the fuck? That just sounds like pure bullshit. That feels like the same energy as accusing the students in “Stand and Deliver” of cheating on the AP Calc exam, cause they basically didn’t believe that a bunch of East LA students could succeed at it.

@dockers @garfiald

Are those your results?

Oh my god, this is going to cause a disaster in clearing. Do universities have access to all the columns or just the third one?

@celesteh @garfiald luckily not mine, I did mine 12 years ago. Its absolutely disgraceful 😭

@dockers @garfiald

I'm a university lecturer, but I don't have anything to do with admissions most years. I hope universities are among those kicking off as this means we can't rely on results at all and our whole system imagines they have some degree of reliability.

Obviously the disruption to the student is the greater tragedy, but it seems nobody (outside of maybe oxbridge) could possibly want this to happen. Indeed, given how the government has been trying to disrupt new universities, I imagine Tories must feel proud of killing two birds with one stone.

@dockers @garfiald wait so on the practice test they got a c. on the final test they got a b, showing improvement after studying etc! but then the algorithm curved them down because??? is that what i'm seeing here, sorry our system works different i'm just trying to understand

@triz @dockers the centre assessed grade is the grade their teacher predicted that they would get at the exam

@dockers @garfiald looks like they're assigning grades based on a bell curve too. So much wtf. @OCRbot

OCR Output (chars: 522) 


Ofqual has warned that appealing against a grade
will affect other students from the same school

because of the rank order system.

It said if one student successfully appealed
against their position in the rank order it would
push another student down the ranking and they

would then need to be allowed to appeal.

Students can ask the school to check if it made a
mistake when submitting the grade or position in
the rank order, and if it has then it can ask the

exam board to correct it.

@garfiald what do "academies, comprehensives, and colleges" mean? I assume college is just a university

@Felthry i honestly have no idea. comprehensives are standardised and dont select students, i can tell you that much. and colleges are another type of secondary school but i absolutely do not understand what the difference it

@garfiald @Felthry Colleges are 6th forms I think, so where you go from 16 to 18 to do A levels

@RedFuture @garfiald This seems to be a whole lot of UK-specific terminology so i don't know what that means but thank you

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