so disadvantaged students are getting worse grades because the skynet algorythm downgrades people for going to schools which have historically produced lower grades. genius system


multiple non-british people replying to this with "source?": this is happening in the uk, it was yesterday's biggest story, most british people know someone who was affected or someone whose child was affected, because all final year students sit the same exams. since students couldnt sit exams this year, the government took their grades at mock exams and the grades their teachers predicted for them, and fed it through an algorithm that marked people down for being poor

aaaaaand they just reversed it. Good work everybody!

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in retrospect, its very funny that they exposed that the algorithm was literally only introduced to punish disadvantaged students by confirming that it was unnecessary. It is also a very predictable attempt at using the opportunity to worsen inequality. And its failure is even more predictable, because most British parents would commit several murders to get their kids' A level marks raised

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@garfiald In what fucked up reality was this better than just canceling the exams? Or at least delaying them. I mean shit ain't perfect but almost everyone took their exams remote this year in the US. I'm almost shocked my country didn't do this shit with silicon valley just salivating at the idea of permanent virtual classrooms.

@radicalrobit they did cancel the exams, the point was the students needed to be given grades in order to determine which unis they're going to next month

@garfiald Sorry I meant cancel as in like...don't give them these algorithmically produced grades.

is there a reason the UK didn't go full on virtual like a lot of other countries?

@garfiald I'm so sorry this shit's happening garf. this is straight up one of the most blatantly heinous things I've ever seen. Whose ever idea this was needs to be launched into the middle of the atlantic from a fucking cannon.

@radicalrobit the algorithm was probably cheaper than administering exams remotely @garfiald

@radicalrobit @garfiald
Do you know what happened to those students that did/could not attend remote exams in USA?
Have results been published yet? Thanks.

@radicalrobit @citc for the most part the US has been a lot less centralized about these things, not just re: covid but in general. Each University and often each college within a university has decided to handle things differently, so students are advised to ask the admission department what they'll be doing. Many schools have accepted that standardized tests were borderline bullshit without the quarantine chaos, so are disregarding scores. Others are saying that but still using scores.

@radicalrobit @citc End result: A lot of schools are using this as an opportunity to only let in the most profitable students, which is not a huge surprise, but at least they have the good taste to be sneaky and grimy about it vs what's going in the UK.

@garfiald how about making it so that challenging your assigned grade can potentially cost hundreds of pounds? Thatcher could only dream about this level of class war

@xmakina @garfiald Plus if your appeal is successful and your grade gets changed, someone else in your class gets their grade fucked up to balance it out

@RexMagenta @garfiald holy shit I hadn't heard about that element! How do the tories keeping getting worse? It's breathtaking

@xmakina @garfiald Gotta make sure nobody gets even the tiniest bit more than they deserve. How else can you be sure you deserve all the privileges you've got?

@garfiald I don't know if this is related to this fiasco but yesterday in a convo about this on a discord someone mentioned having had to pay the school to get their kid's GCSE regraded? wtf?

@ksynwa how the appeal process will play out is itself more or less unknown at this stage

@kragen yeah, but personally, when i see a post referencing news i dont recognise, i usually click on the thread to see if the other posts in the thread will provide further context. if the multiple people who replied assuming i was talking about something going on in their own country had done the same thing, they would have easily been able to deduce that i was talking about british exams

@garfiald I feel like people assuming that random posts pertain to things in their own country is kind of the same phenomenon as people assuming that whoever reads what they say will have heard about the local news they're writing about. in the US they call it "American Exceptionalism" but I don't think there's a term for it in the UK

@garfiald just saw someone got Spanish graded down from an A* to a B despite being a native Spanish speaker. damn scandalous

@julia @garfiald
Sorry, cannot see the "scandal" native status is irrelevant to performance, otherwise all students studying a mother-tongue language would almost always receive top grade. Please read the interim report.

@julia @garfiald
Again, please read and make your own conclusions; in the blog

@citc @julia yeah, actually, that is what happens. Most students who take their native language at A-level receive a top grade.

@julia @garfiald the important question, of course, is: where do they live??

Recommend to read the interim report before making dubious assertions.

@citc All it has told me is that the way the system was designed penalised disadvantaged students, which is why disadvantaged students were penalised.

@garfiald @citc and with phrasing that suggested there would be no further investigation.

Like "yeah, we knew it would do this, what are you crying about?"

@citc @garfiald You're aware that when there are "English" classes in schools within the Anglosphere, those are generally courses on English lit and established writing styles, as opposed to a course intending to teach how to speak a second language? You're going to play devil's advocate for an algorithm that grades work that doesn't actually exist, which will make people undergo the consequences for something they didn't do. Recommend to think about that for a moment before replying.

Excuse the ignorance, but it not understood how grades "will make people undergo the consequences for something they didn't do"

eh @Sylvhem, ça me fait penser à qui a le plus de chances d'être admis.e en prépa. Si tu as des bonnes notes dans un "bon" lycée, tu as plus de chances d'entrer qu'avec les mêmes notes dans un "mauvais" (sans parler du fait que dans ton bon lycée on t'aura parlé de l'existence des prépas)

@garfiald MC FUCKING SCUSE ME?!?!?! whoever is responsible will feel my fucking wrath

@garfiald clearly they saw my post saying 'if you're going to revise my grade.... at least fuck my ass!!' and reconsidered

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